Skiing in a studio

Camille Jaccoux revisits the black crows’ fixed visual campaign for winter 2018- that’s where we are after all.

The question of representativeness of skiing might seem like a marginal topic but it’s something that preoccupies us greatly, particularly its visual translation in photography. A shot on snow can seem perfect at the time but it can easily go under the radar when everyone is tearing each other’s hair out to stand out from the crowd; that time of year at the turn of autumn when the ski magazines are launching their season and each brand is pitching in with their own advertising page.

Grégoire Alexandre


Since black crows began, we always preferred to shoot skiing in the studio. At the start, the idea came from the limitations of having little snow in summer apart from at certain latitudes that aren’t exactly easy to get to, then it just became the obvious choice, we could control a movement, the light and above all, the thread of our story. The action was then able to become an aesthetic moment into which we could add a touch of the second degree and a hint of romanticism.

From a technical viewpoint, we always tried to recreate a credible moment of skiing with the least amount of tricks to keep us as close to real life as possible. To ski in a city studio you often need a harness and a rope, which never took us too far away from our foundations in the mountains either.


Grégoire Alexandre


This year the big question that we faced was this: does the photo show skiing in a couloir or skiing in a crevasse? A couloir means the space in a long, narrow passage in the literal and figurative sense. A crevasse is a deep, narrow slit in a glacier, often related to the stretching of the ice on a steeper slope. Personally, I ski in crevasses as little as possible and the couloir feels more welcoming to me but it’s up to you.

In these four images you can see our concept of all-terrain skiing: skis from 80mm to 120mm underfoot, heavy ones because you need them to be as well as light ones because they’re very useful sometimes. A gang of skiers and some albino crows lost in the snow: big mountain, all-terrain, resort and touring freebird. The party has started for skiing in the year 2018.


Grégoire Alexandre


A huge thank you to the great photographer Grégoire Alexandre. (

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