air carving | volume 2 | Anttu Oikkonen & the mirus cor

the Finnish crow Anttu Oikkonen shared with us his opinion on the brand new UFO, mirus cor. In case you did not fall under the spell of this newborn, the following lines might change your mind.

“I have never skied a regular tight radius racing skis. The contrast between all-mountain skis and mirus cor is big. They are aggressive and I feel like the optimal habitat for mirus cor is when slopes are icy, small or you just don’t feel like going big today. In high speed and big jumps, they might be too aggressive but on the other hand, you just get so much more from medium speed, slopes, and obstacles. When riding a park with them I feel like I reach obstacles way more spontaneously than I’m used to. I might just see something with the side-eye and I actually still can get there because of the quick radius. That’s super fun and refreshing because you can find lines that you didn’t know to exist. Also if it’s too icy or foggy or you just don’t feel like riding park these make carving pretty fun also on smaller hills. These have quite a lot of rocker and they are flexy so it’s great for swerving for sure. I’m really looking forward to seeing them on the streets because there are tight places really often. It’s nice to have something specific so you can get the most out of every day on slopes.”

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