Sunday movie night with the crows

In order to make you wait for the long-awaited release of “the ghost resorts, chapter two, fortress”, we have put together a selection of films made by all kinds of crows ambassadors.

To watch by the fire, or under the quilt, while the snowflakes are passing by your window.

WAVY – The Last Voyage of Sofie and Captain Crocs

The very optimistic Norwegian crow Nikolai Schirmer is back with a solid piece, a winter odyssey from Norway’s most northern fjords.

After ten years of hunting snow abroad in southern countries, the pandemic has forced the aging free-riders @kriskopa , @merrickmordal , and @nikolaischirmer to explore the mountain ranges closer to home.

Come on board the ship of the eccentric Captain Crocs.
And don’t forget your bikini.

To learn more about this adventure, read our last interview of Nikolai and producer Joonas Mattila. 

Ease the mainsail and enjoy the show.

A short Film about Skiing the Dents du Midi

A dream fulfilled by two skiers, the Dutch crow Loïc Isliker et Paul de Groot that both filmed and skied two classic couloirs on the majestic mountain Les Dents du Midi.

It started as a childish fantasy a long time ago, but over the years the idea to ski these lines became more realistic. Finding out it was actually possible and questioning if they were capable to take on such a challenge.

Last spring the conditions allowed them to give it a try. Les Dents du Midi: The most iconic mountains massifs in the region. From the Rhône valley, the lake of Geneva, Portes du Soleil, and even from France you will see the 7 peaks stand out as one chunk of beauty.

Houses, villages and churches are built with the goal of having a view of this mountain, it’s attractive, to say the least.

Seeking Nirvana : Canvas Oasis

Mike Henitiuk and his friends have been traveling for the “Seeking Nirvana” series over the last 5 years. But Nirvana isn’t necessarily the location, but the people you are with and the experience shared.

Here they go on a “canvas oasis” mission, setting camp with style in the heart of British Columbia.

To learn more about this adventure, read our last article of Mike Henituk. 

Before starting, we advise you to put a log in the fireplace.

Good Times In Super Sketchy Mountains

When the mountains are collapsing all around you, where do you go?

While the risk of avalanche is currently very high in some Alpine valleys, discover in this video by Nikolai Schirmer who needs no introduction, how to have fun while limiting the risks.

With a background of northern lights of course.

You should now have enough to wait for the release on January 11th of “the ghost resorts, chapter two, fortress”.

If it is not the case we give you here the first chapter…

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