Nocta project 3 : in the depths of Dolomite Alps’ darkness

Bruno Compagnet and Layla Jean Kerley pursue their blackness quest with this third phase of the Nocta Project. On the menu, the prestigious Holzer and Sasshonger couloirs in the company of mountain guide Manuel Agreiter and his son Matteo for the photo report, with the camerawork of Thomas Guérin and Pierre Cadoz from Yucca Films.

“We continue our wintery night ~bird~ in this very mineral and freezing atmosphere. We love doing this. It’s not only about producing images, it’s really particular to ski by night, to be alone and tranquil in places we already skied in daylight. If those steep couloirs are not considered extremes anymore, the extreme part should be put on the behalf of Thomas. He shot us full face sideslipping on the slope. I am really impressed of this achievement.”

Bruno Compagnet

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