Projet Nocta: the night will be white

Projet Nocta marks the meeting of a new generation of head torches with the cranial circumferences of Bruno Compagnet and Layla Jean Kerley. Dive into darkness with Moonlight Mountain Gear… and don’t forget your spare batteries.

“Projet Nocta was first conceived when someone enlightened me about big developments in head torches. This was a few years ago when a Norwegian friend told me about these little lamps that had changed his relationship with snow and skiing once the long nights sets in on these places of a certain latitude; the time of year when people start to seek refuge in alcohol and even suicide. Alternative uses for these ultra strong new torches sprung to mind immediately.
Skiing at night is a magical experience. You enter into a world of isolation and sensation. Revisit your favourite spots after a fresh snowfall, far away from daytime inconveniences… having limited vision wakes up your senses, sharpens your imagination and beacons your dreams, which I guess isn’t so strange given that we dream at night…”

Bruno Compagnet

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