Nocta Project. My nights are more beautiful than your days…

The idea of skiing at night isn’t a new one. There’s already a lot of photo and video content shot at night that highlights skiing’s aesthetics while leaving plenty to the imagination.

Beyond the aesthetics associated with skiing in the dark, the Nocta Project aims to ski the great classic ski itineraries, opening doors to new perspectives for our discipline. Snow that’s protected from the heat of the day, terrain illuminated with unusual clarity, unfamiliar ambiance; a new world that we’d like to shed some light on…

The Nocta Project plunges into the inky alpine world to expose the mountain while in its most secretive, mysterious state; a rediscovery of classic itineraries under the silent veil of darkness. It’s also a journey of self-rediscovery, confronting the primordial energy of the earth and the moon in the face of our primeval fear, the dark.

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