Hoodoo Voodoo

In the Lake Chelan area of northeast Washington State, Bird skied his childhood mountain. He set out alone into this wild, isolated region to caress the flanks of Hoodoo Mountain, a spectacular pyramid on the horizon that fuelled his youthful imagination.

From my first memories, the mountain, Hoodoo, has captivated me.
Like a throne for a giant king, it watched over us while we sat rocking on the porch swing.
Early in the morning, its spirituous face would glow, and with a child’s perception I harnessed the magic, imagining the good that would happen to me at school that day.

Fortunately I began to ski, its medium taking me to far off places, and with each return home I would embrace my family and to Hoodoo Peak I would say hello.  Well, one day not so long ago it answered me back “come play with me, and see for yourself the power that I have in store.” The Hoodoo’s white voodoo spell was cast, and every year the calling became stronger, and I knew that I would have to go and see for myself the possibilities its north face would hold.

The local town folk said that was crazy talk, but of course, you will see that this is not so.

Finally this spring I stayed home to discover the wilds of my backyard and embraced the foothills of the mountains where few humans go. There was some great skiing- with friends and alone- the powder plentiful with plenty to share, but throughout the season, in the back of my conscience, I knew to Hoodoo I must go.

Obviously it was time when by happenstance I took a flight with my brother Peter in his homemade airplane looking to scope a special ski line far out there, but the peak I was seeking was socked in and I said “what about doing a flyby on Hoodoo.”  With that, there she was, right in our faces and even more beautiful then what I had witnessed all these years from below.

My whole life it was just right there.
All I had to do was go.
Now I’m happy to share my destiny to ski the north face of Hoodoo.

Scott Rinckenberger Photography


March 31st, 2017, Michael Bird Shaffer: descent of Hoodoo Peak’s north face by ski.

Hoodoo Peak is located in the wilds of the Lake Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness in Washington State.

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