Blind Transmission: timeless Jackson Hole

The crow Coen Bennie-Faull and his companions Kris Hopkins and Jim Ryan celebrated a surreal winter in their stronghold of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. An immensity of snow, pine trees and childlike joy are the main ingredients of this deeply transcendental clip.

Coen’s words:
The storm started on a Thursday and took a few days to warm up but once the tap turned on by Saturday it was all-time for 4 days straight, we filmed on the deepest days on monday and tuesday in the side country because, in typical Jackson Hole fashion it appears no one has a job in town when it dumps. But even then the side country is left only to those knowledgeable enough to negotiate the dangers of the backcountry which left us with the almost alone with some of the best lift accessed pow skiing you could imagine, probably the best of the season which is saying a lot considering the winter we had in the Tetons.
However as we traversed out of our last lap the weather flipped and the temperature rose and by the time we reached the base it was raining and the wind was blowing a gale. The bars were full of stoke anyway following 4 of the biggest days of the winter.Stoke was soaring in the Apre’ scene, however by the time we’d reached town, the whole world had fallen apart, 17 power lines down, the road closed, the pass road closed and the resort without power. Everyone was stuck wandering what to do, the snow had turned to cement from the rain and even Snow King (the town hill) had to close due to a wet slide in bounds. Focus in the break turned to clearing all the roofs in town that were now left with over 3 feet of heavy snow even the SEARS building in town collapsed due to the weight, crews of ski bums joined the task force to fill the time until we could ski pow again.

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