Gexnuflexions: pleasure report

Brothers Kevin and Vivian Gex, the same ones who love such wild places that not a soul lives there apart from a few feral beasts, share photos and steep perspectives on their season just gone.

Looking back, you could say that this 2017-2018 season has been a first on many levels for me and Kevin.

1. It’s the first time we’ve seen an avalanche risk 5 in the mountains and get stuck in the house because there’s too much snow, threatening to come down the mountain with such force that it can just as easily come up the opposite side at the same speed.

Vivian Gex En route pour le refuge de la Tourche

2. It was so cold in the Tourche cabin that I could barely make the fondue, even in a burning pot. That was the first time I’d seen that.

Vivian Gex Pique Nique

3.  It’s the first time that we took on a couloir, from the top, without reading a description or report or knowing someone who had already done it.

Kevin Gex Vivian dans le couloir des Doigts aux Dents du Midi

4. The first season of our TOPAL project has come to an end (topo of routes made in situ and broadcast on, ed)

Vivian Gex Le sommet de Dent de Morcles

5. It’s the first time in ages I didn’t hear about Kevin making a frozen pizza after midnight at New Year’s.

Vivian Gex Kevin dans le couloir du Goutch-Petit Muveran

And loads more…

Well, all that is to say we aren’t better than anyone else…or than the mountain. We are simply trying to do our sport in the safest way possible because as Livanos said:

“Better one more piton than one less climber”

Be careful everyone

See you next year for more larks.

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