Tuck Graham: wide eyed

Originally from Steamboat Springs Colorado, Tuck Graham has been part of the squadron and spreading the word across North America for four seasons now with the appetite and enthusiastic recklessness of youth. But just like many other ski aficionados, he always dreamt of making a pilgrimage to Chamonix in search of high-altitude wild skiing. With his desires fulfilled, he has compiled a visual ode and a testament just for you here.

“I’ve always wanted to make it to Chamonix, to step out of my comfort zone from Colorado and experience the legends that surround the area. Camille was kind enough to take me on one of the most iconic decents down from the Midi (which I didn’t realize till we got to be bottom).

I’ve never felt so peaceful in my life, standing atop the entry to the Glacier. Watching the crows circle and taking in the views that surrounded us. Even with the exposure, and one wrong move that spelled out big consequences. It was relaxing and a mega good time being out there on that line with Camille. I can’t thanks him and everyone at Blackcrows for the help. Truly is a special place to me.”

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