Raphaël Fourau, photographer and journalist specialising in climbing and skiing, plunge us into a life-saving and refreshing bath. While mother earth doesn’t stop melting in front of us, Raphaël’s images exceed their invigorating potential to remind us that without this blend of hydrogen and oxygen, we would – simply – disappear.

“June 2019. A heatwave over France, the air burns the throat. Fire is falling from the sky. Thin rivers are disappearing, snow is deserting our Pyrenean mountains, the oceans are threatening. Should we give up ? Did we mess up the planet to the point of shaking up the equilibrium of water ?
Water that shapes our valleys, unveils our cliffs, fills up our canyons, carves our oceans, the same which covers our mountains with snow. The essential element which makes up our bodies and our planet, water is the source of everything.
I would like to keep climbing, skiing, surfing… But above all, I would like my daughter to be able to do the same, and that she could pass it on to her children who, themselves, maybe, will have understood that we need to take care of our planet.”

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