Portfolio Tuck Graham: crossing meridians

Tuck Graham shows us snaps from his season and, more specifically, from his two introductory trips to Japan and to Chamonix- report on the delights of beholding new mountains. Tuck also added a couple of action photos taken by photographer friends of his along the road. Proof that he had gone to ski above all else.

“Photography to me is how I’m able express myself when I’m not skiing. With skiing, you are able to make turns here and there, jump of that down there, 360 that rock below. When I’m not skiing I still look at stuff in a artsy way, so I decided to start taking photos. Many of them never see social media or print, nor does a lot of the turns I make skiing. Just the whole idea behind capturing something in a split moment, and expressing that as a feeling is so cool. They go hand in hand to me.”

Instagram username @_tg____

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