Department Store. Black Crows in Le Bon Marché, Paris.

Le Bon Marché is an iconic, historic Parisian department store. So how has a small independent ski brand based in Chamonix found itself in the domain of this big establishment? Here’s a little explanation from Camille of Black Crows:

“It’s been a great adventure for us to have designed this collection for such a store, and to have created two “vertical spaces” – one in menswear and one in women’s. For us, an independent French ski and ski accessory brand, to work with such an iconic department store is synonymous with a merging of styles. Thus we wanted to bring our logo made up of chevrons – symbolising birds in flight, groups, multiplying – to a range of comfortable winter accessories. We are trying, in our own little way, to bring a touch of ski culture to the heart of Paris. Because skiing isn’t just a holiday in the mountains – it’s travelling, experience, freedom.

So we brought in our Corpus Gore-Tex® range, along with an exclusive collection for Le Bon Marché; for this we worked on the classics: technical Polartech® bomber jackets, water resistant wool jumpers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats – all combining our mountain identity with new colours, technical materials and a touch of elegance. We’ve come up with a winter collection designed to be worn around town or at après-ski.

We also collaborated with REV, an architectural and design office created by our friends Cristiano Benzoni and Sophie Thuillier, to design original display stands. We played around with heights, shadows, black, and intense light, a bit like in the Chamonix valley. We had a bit of fun playing with our chevrons and our graphic design universe.
The motto behind this range and the two dedicated spaces in the Parisian department store is “ski bum aristocracy”. So don’t forget to read (or reread) Romain Gary’s “The Ski Bum”.

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