Full sun

The man in this image is Arnaud Cottet and he is wearing sun-glasses of his own design, the Moiry de Glacier Optics model. As you can tell at first glance, Arnaud is a pragmatic man. So, as such he could find no frames which suited his leisure time, which often consists of joyful expeditions to ski far away summits, he teamed up with Benoît Goncerut his old buddy with whom riding, debauchery and resulting projects are the norm. Together in 2018 they created Glacier Optics and, after slogging their guts out, they have produced their first model, the Moiry whose design is a reminder of the golden age of eccentric mountaineering, and have a certain refinement, all of which from a workshop of Calvinistic precision.

Titanium, unisex, comfortable, versatile and aesthetic, all made in a short circuit of several valleys distance, this product unites the local savoir-faire to give birth to glasses which are robust, environmentally responsible and have a sober elegance. You can judge them yourself on their web-site which hold at the same time technical information and a crowdfunding site. They are quite expensive but reliable, local and they look cool.

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