The desired choice

Felix Olsson has three pairs of skis. So before nailing him to the cross of material pleasures, listen to the case he puts forward. Because behind his good fortune lies a dramatic choice: which way to vote when there’s so much choice?

Model: Corvus Freebird 188, 2018.
Model: Atris 189, 2017.
Model: Anima 194, 2018.

Hampus Jerkfeldt

I like to think about snow.
I like simple questions.
What is a good quiver?
What is the best choice for a second ski that will perfectly compliment the first?
I like poetry, too.
This right here, then, shall be a mix between the two,

Ski, ski, ski,
What to ski, when to ski,
Quiver, quiver, on my wall,
Oh, what joy, I want you all!

& Plow
& Surf,
Corvus to float,
Anima to plow,
and Atris to surf.

Hampus Jerkfeldt

They all ski well backwards,
And anything floats,
if you’re going fast enough,

They all ski well backwards.
For they are planks of wood,
Inseminated with dreams!

Fly &
Bounce &

Anima will fly,
Atris will bounce,
and the Corvus will hover!

Hampus Jerkfeldt

And the love and freedom is real,
that which I feel,
jumping off a soft mogul on top of the Aiguille…
Surreal, surreal.

Put the Atris on an edge,
The Corvus will love it,
The Anima just wants to go fast
The Anima cries..: “Haha! Allez!”
The Atris whispers..: “Oh my God. Do you see what I see, over there?”
And the Corvus says..: “Wherever you wish, mec, as fast as you can!”

Take the Anima to the park,
where you will be impressed,
And should you ever find yourself there with the Corvus ,
no need to be stressed.
You’ll find him quite welcome; an unexpected guest.
The Atris , of course, belongs in the park already. As it belongs everywhere.

Pär Hansson

Deep bluebird powder?
I put a blindfold on, and pick whichever.
All three will dance in the deep condition.

Chopped up, leftover Lavancher moguls?
Anima . Roar with laughter, and crush everything.
Tight tree navigation skiing?
Atris . Smooth. Quick. Erotic.
Have to walk or skin or climb to reach snow of any kind?
Bring the Corvus . He will keep you calm on the way up.
As for the way down?
On his signal, unleash hell.

And if sometimes I have wondered, what does it feel like to be…
Just ski with what they ski, feel what they feel. Surreal, surreal!

Forced to pick one?
I’ll take all three.

Hampus Jerkfeldt

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