The day I didn’t put my skis away.

Bruno Compagnet and Layla Jean Kerley were at Les Grands Montets the week before closing. There was some snow around, some friends and no wait at all for the lift; a throwback that sparked nostalgia for days gone by. Nevertheless, Bruno felt alone.

In a world where images, trends and movements spread at the speed of light, where time never ceases to accelerate, and where skiing- a corner of freedom and pleasure- constitutes a break from the throes of everyday life, I came to ponder the decision-making abilities of my fellow creatures.

For a few days I had been skiing Les Grands Montets alongside a gang of skiers making the most of some excellent spring skiing and racking up descents with a waiting time that allowed for socializing with the other inhabitants of this beautiful alpine valley. Of course, I was surprised and delighted that we were so few. But something else was bothering me, where are all the others?

It’s true that on social media we have wheels to turn and beaches to visit. But in this obsession for always wanting to be ahead of everything and everyone, the seasons, other people etc., life in general can become ludicrous. One of the greatest lessons these sports can teach you is how to be in the right place at the right time. Maybe some people had had enough of skiing and snow? Even more so after this year’s winter…As if skiing is only done in winter and in powder-even if it’s not very good and not very deep. Ah, there are loads of people jostling for position in the queue, rushing to places where they can blow an edge out on their new skis on a rock that was just sitting there waiting.

It’s amazing how much fun I had in recent days skiing on brown snow, dirty and shiny, laying down curves on reheated cream and enjoying myself like a little kid. The snow quality was of no consequence; it was just about being up there with my friends. Being able to adapt is one of the keys to survival, as well as to happiness. Refuse the dictatorship of images, of the immediate, of the virtual! Think for yourself…And enjoy it without burden…

Have a good summer!


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