Rolling with the wind

Guiliano Bordoni, the whistle of the wind and the joy of life.
This festive cheer almost deserves a glass of Chianti…

Into the headwind, I offer my beard and face up to the wind. Feeling its breeze stroke my cheeks as my eyes slide from left to right taking in the whole panorama, tears of sweat roll down my forehead as my heart harmoniously follows the rhythm of the pedals. I take a break when I’m out of breath or when curiosity insists. My passion for cycling was born like that, very simply, because of the wind. Haven’t you ever felt that smile take hold when it envelops your face, stinging your pupils? Weaving delicately between your hair and the intricacies of your thoughts. Like a return to the cradle. Do you not feel free?

That’s how I fell in love with cycling and this sensation. I began using bikes as a mode of transport instead of a car, to train and catch up with my friends at the Athletic Alta Valtellina, as well as for exploring the forest trails previously reserved for 4x4s. I also started using electric fat bikes to reach the start of springtime ski tours or for longer journeys.

Cycling opened up a new world to me, a world of impact reduction (unfortunately zero impact is merely an illusion) and as a different way to discover and grasp your surroundings. Alone or with friends, it’s the same. Outside it’s a nice day, even if it’s a bit drizzly. A pair of trainers, two wheels and your ski bases are waiting for this invigorating wind. The season of snowy crows is on our doorstep. Take flight, smile, return to your nest, relax, love, be loved and repeat.

Peace and powder.

Light, fast and deep.


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