Black Friar – the black monk’s cloth

Last spring, a team of three crows comprising of Christina Lusti, Johanna Stalnacke and Tom Grant, accompanied by the cameraman and photographer Fred Marmsater, ventured into the heart of British Colombia to reach the Adamants massif in the Selkirk range. Christina had located a gully nestling in the spires of granite which make up the Adamants. In addition to the video realised on this occasion, she agreed to answer some questions.

Fred Marmanster

How did you project originate ?

Christina : Our initial plan was to go to AK last spring. When reports of aK didn’t seem in favour of a spring ski mountaineering mission, we decided to bring the trip to B.C. We had a few ideas of areas was thought might work, once Tom and Johanna arrived in Vancouver. We took a look at a few weather models, condition reports and decided to head to the interior with the Adamants in mind.

Fred Marmanster

It’s an impressive line, was it a first descent ?

Christina : Yea it was a first descent. This was my 4th trip into the Adamants area and t his was something I had seen and wanted to ski for a long time. It’s a beautiful north facing line among the adamant spires, a remote area of the norther Selkirk mountain range.

Fred Marmanster Johanna Stalnacke, Tom Grant and Christina Lustenberger, approach to climb the Blackfryer Couloir, Adamants, BC

Do you know where the name black friar comes from?

Christina : The peak with the couloir is called Black Friar. I’m not sure why it’s named that, but it probably comes from those big black granite walls. It’s a classic peak of the area.

Fred Marmanster

How were the conditions ?

Christina : The weather was very unsettled, making it challenging to be 100% on our objectives and plan. We spent 9 days at our base camp with a few days scoping entrances and skiing smaller objectives.

Fred Marmanster

How did the skiing go ?

Christina : It was a beautiful line, and the snow was really great! Apart from the couloir, w e fought the weather a bit, skied around camp, attempted a few other things, and eventually pulled out of the area early due to unstable snow conditions.

Fred Marmanster Christina Lustenberger, Adamants, BC

And the team, good relationship ?

Christina : It was the first time skiing together, we spent a few shake down days around Revelstoke and Rogers pass. Fred Marmsater was along to capture film and photo. He’s super strong in the hills, and I think did a great job capturing the trip. I think at one point in the trip he was shooting lock off film, flying a drone, and somehow taking still photos too.

Fred Marmanster Christina Lustenberger, Adamants, BC

How did Fred Marmsater joined the team ?

Christina : I have worked and skied with Fred, he’s one of the strongest photographers I have worked with. He’s super motivated, and a great team player!

Fred Marmanster

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