vertical dimensions: Pomerantz and Abma at the heart of British Columbia

The Vertical Dimensions. This is how we can see the world on its greatest slope line.
Here is a new series of videos that explains the relationship between life, skiing, and the views that come with it. The principle is simple: skiers, a place, a day, all in a short and vertical format, to give all its dimension to the story, succinct and essential just like a day of skiing.

Mark Abma by @guyfattalphoto

Canada, March 2021. Here, the “Canadian crows” Celeste Pomerantz and Mark Abma are at home in Canada, out in the backcountry far from any noise.

Abma skis freely as usual, letting the carve and the powder do their things. When he turns in, it seems the mountain is waiting for him to do just that. He is accompanied for the first time by some impressive blackcrows and the air-worthy Celeste Pomerantz.

Mark Abma and Celeste Pomerantz by @guyfattalphoto

The scene is set in the spring season, which will often bring the best snow conditions around Whistler. To get to the truly challenging locations (3 different locations but with masked names), the crows take the classic Canadian route: snowmobiling on a long logging road before ski touring up the line of the steepest slope. Getting to these graphic ridges is no easy feat, but Abma knows the terrain by heart after 24 years of frequenting the best snow spots.

Celeste Pomerantz by @guyfattalphoto

The two equipped skiers descend at full speed in the warmth of springtime. They are in this snowy desert on the other side of the valley, the most powdery, far from the crowds that inundate the Whistler resort itself, but still close enough that the wind sometimes brings the smells and sounds of the men and machines. But they stay there.

Mark Abma by @guyfattalphoto

Have a good flight.

written by Mathieu Ros and shot by Guy Fattal

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