A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back!

Snow flakes falling to the rhythm of the White Stripes, with our friends Beats by Dre.
In an ode to the monstrous winter that hit the West Coast of America, the crows Michelle Parker, Mark Abma, Mike Henitiuk and Callum Pettit join in the celebration of sound that is the White Stripe’s iconic Seven Nation Army.

black crows and Beats by Dre, with the support of our loyal north-American crows, present an opus on the exceptional winter season on this side of the Atlantic. A clip full of riffs exulting the intensity of winter and the many moments of bliss to be had on a pair of skis.

I’m gonna fight ’em off
Je vais les combattre
A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back
Une armée de sept nations ne pourra me retenir
They’re gonna rip it off
Ils vont nous dépouiller
Taking their time right behind my back
Prenant leur temps juste derrière mon dos
And I’m talking to myself at night,
Et la nuit je tourne ça en boucle
Because I can’t forget
Parce que je n’arrive pas à oublier
Back and forth through my mind
Ce constant va-et-vient dans ma tête
Behind a cigarette
Derrière une cigarette

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