Tokyo desire express

This poem from Bird was found in a lost digital file, a friendly correspondence under way to oblivion. Now it unveils for the blackmail.

She wore red.
Her eyes dancing blue like the shimmer of the Adriatic sea in spring
Such delicate lines, age only showing from the slight lines of laughter.
Her lips set in a natural smile full and slightly parted as if about to say “come on try it”
My god if i could see what she feels it must look like heaven from there
Neck exposed life veins pumping in velvet skin leading to the v where breasts stand and make men beg.
Of course she knew it, but her posture gave way only to an essence of knowing that today is the day.
I was hard just thinking of how the fabric blown in accentuated one of my favorite parts
Yes I’m not alone in longing to touch it
Stomach tight and waist so right. a slight shift in posture made her ass sing silk blowing her skirt against her thighs and pronouncing sex
Jesus man i can barely take it
Thighs taut and athletic with her inner showing just enough to make me think of how and when could i put my face in such a special place?
There was no stopping now with this vision wondering did the person sitting next to me realize that this fantasy land is possible
I would mold my hands around those shapely calfs and suck on each and every toe sliding finger tips up above and in between pinching ever so slightly
The bell rings and i come too
We arrive at Shinjuku station
What a nice nocturnal vision riding the train to Tokyo station.

Michael ‘Bird’ Shaffer

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