The new ski holidays of Monsieur Cottet

Four questions for Arnaud Cottet from the Salewa shoot in the Dolomites, with photos from Damiano Levati (Story Teller Labs).

Black Crows : Why the Dolomites?

Arnaud : The 2018 winter was really good in the Dolomites and that meant we could ride the San Martino regional classics.

Damiano Levati/Storyteller-Labs
Arnaud Cotet steep skiing in San Martino di Castrozza.

Black Crows : The shots are really high quality, who is behind the camera?

Arnaud : It’s an Italian production company, Story Teller Labs. Salewa called upon their services to make this film for them. Then the brand used it to create a part of their marketing content. The shoot was really intense but it worked super well. Damiano Levati and Matteo Vettorel from Story Teller Labs did a great job of editing the film. It was a new experience for me not to be involved in the shooting or production of the film. Just riding is cool too!

Damiano Levati/Storyteller-Labs
Eric Girardini and Arnaud Cotet ski mountaineering in San Martino di Castrozza, Italy.

Black Crows : Any anecdotes from the shoot, did it all go smoothly?

Arnaud : The shoot was done in a few days. We didn’t have such a great snow or weather window. So we filmed some bad weather days anyway, which provided some pretty unique results. Skiing with Eric Girardini, a local guide, was an absolute joy. He knows all the ins and outs of the Pala di San Martino. He really set it all out for us, which made it really easy.

Damiano Levati/Storyteller-Labs
Arnaud Cotet steep skiing in San Martino di Castrozza, Italy.

Black Crows : What do you know of Piero de Lazzer and Diego Dalla Rosa, the two characters interviewed in the film?

Arnaud : Yeah, they are two mountaineer/skiers from this area who opened a large majority of the classics. There are loads of emblematic couloirs around the Pala San Martino (Burelon/Travagnolo…). The couloirs are easy to access although the vertical drop might not be what we have in the Valais-Chamonix area. The unique rock and cliffs of the Dolomites give it a certain mystical feel I think.

Damiano Levati/Storyteller-Labs

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