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blackcrows has been actively connected to music since the beginning. The very first ski, our corvus 196 was unveiled on December 28th 2006 in Chamonix, not on the snow but in a kind of elegant nightclub with music, electronic of course.

It was the launch of the brand. People celebrated, sweated, smiled and danced together until late.

photo @julienregnier

Why this electronic music?

Many reasons can be found, but it is certain that this musical trend, which really started in the late 80’s, has been a part of the blackcrows founders’ journey.

The electronic music movement has had many forms and genres, but something undeniably happened at the dawn of the 90s. Something new, something unusual. Everything was to be done, created, discovered and shared. There were parties and sounds where a new world was created, and everything was free and crazy. A bit like skiing, in unknown interplanetary terrain.

Here is a selection of tracks, in no chronological order, which marked the early years of electronic music and in any case marked us at blackcrows. There could be much more, but this is what we heard and we still come back to it encore with pleasure.

This list was curated in the heart of the nest by Philippe Petit, techno producer, and DJ, a Belgian by birth and Chamoniard by adoption with a distinctive satanic laugh. He mixed in particular at the infamous Berghain n Berlin, and has been involved in several long and dancing parties for blackcrows.

Lets move to the dance floor dear friends, it’s time to dance again. Wildly and joyfully.


Thanks to Philippe Petit from Knotweed Records and Decision Making Theory


Phil:  “For me, they are the real precursors of repetitive electronic music. I saw them late, in 1987 in Ghent, and then several times in London. Each time, incredible. RIP Alan Vega.”

Higher State of Consciousness - Josh wink

Camille : “Anyone who hung out in a club, small or obscure, in the mid-90s knew that endless beat, building up and ending in an hysterical but so joyful saturation. I was lucky enough to see Josh Wink string it together, it was crazy.”

Jaydee – Plastic Dreams

Phil: “Iconic track released in 1992. The DJs in Brussels played it several times on the same night in different remixes, everyone went crazy. Unforgettable….”

Masters at Work / Kenlou

Phil:“Kenny Dope and Little Louie Vega, the New York house scene’s must-haves. They mixed with 4 decks. I remember a memorable Wednesday night at the Sound Factory Bar in New York in 1994… The Bounce is a fantastic track!”

Rock to the beat – 101

Camille: “This beat and these vocals, like a repetitive base, I heard it for the first time in 1989, I was 15 years old, and I wondered what was this music, strange but calling on me! A classic that couldn’t be more old school.”

Deep inside – Hardrive

Camille:“1993, house music is in full swing, dancing, joyful, endless for the best, until the morning and more. An electronic atmosphere where people were really sharing by dancing.”

Mr.C et son Ebeneezer Goode

Phil: “It’s thanks to the Shamen that he was able to open The End in London in 1995. We went there the month it opened and then almost every weekend (especially on Saturdays for the techno nights) – by far the most cutting edge club in London at that time. A great sound system!

Jeff Mills – Growth

Phil: “he Live at the Liquid Room CD landed like a UFO in 1996. Game changer as they say. He invented everything, and I’ve never been disappointed with any of his sets. Many memorable moments at Steve Bicknell’s Lost nights.”


By Mathieu Ros

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