Persian Ice cream

A cooling note to escape from the summer heat, here’s a short but hypnotic video sent in by our friend Marco Djermaghian from Tehran.

Obsessed with skiing and the mountains since his childhood spent between Iran and France, Marco, owner of a rare pair of Atris in Iran, is also an architect, painter, photographer and filmmaker. He lives between Tehran and Kashan- a beautiful city located 244km south of the capital- where he set up his workshop in an old Qajar period building. We’ll come back to this intriguing character in an article out next autumn, until then, allow yourself to be transported by the disorderly movement of static forms.

As for the video itself, it’s a fine example of creativity with limited means, here’s what the author had to say: “This video was shot through the passenger window of a 4×4 on March 8th 2017, on the road leading from Dizin to Shemshak/Darbansar, the three ski resorts situated about an hour from Tehran. Music is provided by the car speakers and is a piece called Macho by Jaako Eino Kalevi.”

Translation : Paul MCKeen

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