Stay connected – The poem

Each of us watches over the untamable creatures of our minds. However, occasionally, they escape.

It can be like bad drugs.
Sucked into the cyber vacuum, trying to hard to make it be just right.
Sharing an experience distracted by what looks like stars, really pin holes in the blanket showing florescent lights.
Kinda like that one tortured night.
Between 2 worlds.
Demons were angles – dark was comfortable.
High powered waffle scratched out on dirty cardboard.
Strung out, sitting in the middle of that walking bridge between the land of the free and ole Mexico
An experience to be sure but is it to share.
Does this social media game have an end?
Do we really wanna be there?
Who’s steering this thing anyways?
Is it me or the machine.
Damn it, I just want to be free.
Have a place to express my creativity.
I’ve been as close to the divine as I will ever find.
How can it not be share?
Let the world know Im alive.
But will they really care?
Do I get strokes for putting it out with all the right notes.
Like searching for affection in that Tijuana bordel.
Muy bien, mi amor.
At least she says she loves me for a few dollars more.
Maybe its me that’s the attention whore?


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