Camox : The rebirth of the player

Behind their new designs, the Camox and Camox Birdie hide a modernisation aimed at making them even more accessible. Julien Regnier, an idealist designer, explains how he has given more drive to a model that is already highly appreciated by countless skiers, male and female, around the world.

Black Crows : Why did you want to modernise skis so respected as the Camox and the Camox Birdie ?

Julien : These are all terrain skis which needed to be rebalanced because they had several shortcomings on trails. They were a little stiff underfoot, not hyper easy when entering turns and with side lines which were too powder orientated. I looked, therefore, to make them easier and more playful but with an edge that held better. The aim was they they performed as well off piste without having characteristics which were too restrictive for the trails.

Black Crows : How did you achieve this objective ?

Julien : I enlarged the tips and the heel in order to give the extremities a better hold better. These new sidelines were associated with a softer flex under foot. Like this the skis distort well. They have a better entry to turns and they are even more playful.

Black Crows : For whom do you recommend this model ?

Julien : A male or female skier who wants to ski all terrains but who isn’t too stressed by powder conditions. With these skis, you know that you have an all terrain weapon. A ski which isn’t too heavy which holds underfoot, floats and is very playful. These are skis which are adapted to the different conditions that you can find in ski areas. It performs equally well in wet snow in one wants to go out without being too wide.

Black Crows : Which ski in the collection could be its rival ?

Julien : This will be the Daemon because they are skis both of which have the same versatility in ski areas. But, the Daemon have a more alpine characteristic with their flat heel and more rigid core. They are a more of an alpine ski, more adapted to speed while the Camox are lighter and more playful.

Black Crows : These are double tipped skis, can they be used in parks ?

Julien : Yes, for sure, they are very versatile and very comfortable in parks. Moreover, their good underfoot surface is appreciated in wet snow as is the case in spring when the snow warms up.

Black Crows : Are these skis that you use ?

Julien : Yes, they are super everyday skis. I used them, for example, during the filming of the Fast forward videos. They can do everything so they are the ideal ski for this type of filming where one must ski on or off-piste and do jumps.

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