Stalking in natural habitat

At the end of January 2016, following the Red Bull Linecatcher’s cancelation, bird watcher and photographer Elina Sirparenta made the most of having Flo Bastien, Julien Regnier, Pierre Guyot and Nikolai Schirmer around to take part in a shoot in the Tignes ski area. The snow conditions were delicate so the birds, guided by the local of the group, Flo Bastien, stayed under the protective wing of the forest. As Elina was busy capturing these joyous madmen of the sky, some wonderful news was unfolding behind the scenes… Little Zelda, the future progeny of said photographer and Julien Regnier had started on her embryonic adventure. So all the photos here-captioned by their taker- were captured by a photographer who was feeling strangely tired.

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